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Dr. Adrian Cohen MB, BS


Emergency Medicine



Dr. Adrian Cohen, MB, BS, is an expert in emergency medicine and trauma, and is the innovator of several medical concepts, including Nurochek, Headsafe, and Necksafe.

While he was in school and university, Adrian played rugby and began gravitating towards the study of orthopaedic surgery, but he still maintained an avid interest in emergency medicine. Out of interest on weekends, he started working as a volunteer doctor on the WESTPAC Rescue Lifesaver Helicopter service. As a doctor, that entailed flying to the scene of the emergency and performing rescues, which meant anything from jumping out of the helicopter into the water, or rappelling into ravines to provide assistance. This experience helped mould him into the well-rounded doctor he is today and sparked his love of pre-hospital medicine and the practice of getting someone to the hospital alive. This part-time, weekend job soon became his livelihood 24-hours a day as the rescue service turned professional, and he was invited to become the first full-time doctor in that capacity. This was also the catalyst for his passion for the rest of his career – preventing and managing head and neck injuries. 

Passion & Perspective


One of the reasons Dr. Adrian Cohen cares so deeply about this particular field is that, as a doctor, he loves knowing he can make a tangible difference early on in the treatment process. Sometimes it’s already too late to prevent an injury escalating into a permanent incapacity by the time someone arrives at a hospital. He knows that having a great surgeon in a hospital that gives great care sometimes isn’t as important as getting the alignment of the spine right in the first 30 minutes to keep someone from suffering life-altering consequences. Getting it right at the beginning is crucial. The same holds true for concussions in sports. Quickly tending to an injured player and getting them off the field is vital to long-term success and risking potential additional injuries.  

In the future, Dr. Adrian Cohen, MB, BS, has a vision for how head and neck injuries can be treated and avoided. He embodies an abundance of advocacy, research and education surrounding this subject, helping people make informed decisions based on objective information. He wants to change the outdated way of thinking by coaches and parents to “get back out there” if a player is hurt. 

While he does consider himself somewhat of a risk-taker, Dr. Cohen doesn’t detract from what doctors do best: looking after their patients. His dedication to medical technology innovation and to creating new ways of preventing and treating potentially devastating, life-long conditions associated with head and neck injury marks an entirely new focus that works in tandem with the medical profession. Not sticking with the status quo, but rather adding on to an existing system.

Current Endeavors


Most recently he has turned his entrepreneurial attention to medical technology and innovation, leading the development of a world’s-first brain assessment device called Nurochek. This portable device is used to measure the brain’s normal electrical activity using EEG signals and can be used to detect brain injuries such as concussion and illness including dementia and stroke, as well as other neurological conditions. 

To learn more about Dr. Adrian Cohen and his professional pursuits, be sure to visit his blog page.

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