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Modern society is very on-the-go, which sometimes makes it hard to stay up to date with the latest news and ideas, especially in the world of medicine. EMS providers and healthcare employees in general usually have busy schedules, working long hours or maybe even multiple jobs. How is one expected to keep up with everything in the industry? One easy way to stay up to date is to listen to podcasts. There are countless podcasts out there about emergency medicine, so here are a few to check out if you’re trying to stay up to date with industry trends in this busy world of ours.


MedicCast delves into all sorts of EMS topics that concern EMS providers on both a paid and a volunteer level. Jamie Davis (often called the “Podmedic”) uses every episode to speak to industry leaders about all of the latest trends in EMS, discussing issues such as suicide awareness in EMS, or the most recent national EMS conference. MedicCast has been around since 2005, so there is plenty of content to listen to if you desire. With the success of MedicCast, they’ve also begun similar other podcasts about different areas of healthcare, such as nursing. 

EMS Office Hours

Hosted by Jim Hoffman with co-hosts Josh Knapp and David Brenner, EMS Office Hours goes over clinical and operational topics in order to help EMS providers in their day to day practice. The show goes into the standard EMS topics, such as communication techniques for patients, but the real draw of the show is that Jim and the gang make themselves open for Q&A. They highly encourage reaching out to them on various social platforms in order to ask questions or even suggest topics for them to cover in future episodes, so it can be great if you’re new to the field and are looking to ask some seasoned professionals about the industry.


Run by Scott Weingart, MD, EmCrit is a show all about discussing critically ill patients in the Emergency Department. Scott brings the best evidence-based information from varying medical fields and translates it for bedside use in both the Emergency Department and the Intensive Care Unit. The show is typically posted every two weeks, and each episode is about 20 minutes long, making this a great bite-sized way of keeping up with the industry. They also have blog posts and other media which they publish in between episodes in case you’re craving more. 

Life In The Fast Lane

Life In The Fast Lane is a physician-driven podcast that focuses on clinical knowledge and skills from different physician podcasters around the world. The show is directly responsible for the FOAMed movement (Free Open Acces Meducation), as well as playing a large role in the Social Media and Critical Care conference. Take a listen to this show if you’re looking for tips on technology use, current evaluations of research and much more. 

Podcasts are a great way to keep up with industry news if you lead a busy life in EMS. There are so many options beyond what has been listed here, with each one giving insights from industry professionals from all over the world.